EyeChicks Fabulous Finds of the Month

We started this new page because we get so many people asking ... "Do you sell online?"  We know its the way people love to buy things today, but the EyeChicks is still the classic Luxury Boutique where we pride ourselves in our services and how we buy only small  capsule collections and in many cases one of kinds.  It's been the nature of our business for years and it's expected by all our discerning clients.  We decided to give you a taste of some of our Fabulous Finds as we travel the world to buy the eyewear twe sell here at EyeChicks. Each month we will showcase new eyewear pieces.  Because of our eyewear sells quickly and are usually only of kind pieces we can't put them online. We hope this will help see how special our boutique is here in Loomis, Ca. and why you need to bring your beautiful self into our shoppe and see...  "Why we were voted the Best of the Best." and why..."Life is too short... To Wear Boring Glasses."

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